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I had been doing investigations for about fourteen years before I was presented with a unique opportunity on a possible adultery case. I was at home when my boss called me and asked me to speak to a man who suspected that his spouse was cheating on him at her place of business.


I met with him and obtained a picture of his wife, his wife’s work schedule and location. We discussed my rates and retainer. He was really concerned about his spouse cheating on him because of the kind of work she did. She was a masseuse at a Chinese massage parlor.


A couple of days later I made my first appearance at the massage parlor and I was pleasantly surprised that she was the one who greeted me and guided me to a room for a massage. She instructed me to disrobe and lay down with a towel over the mid-section of my body. She turned some soft music on, dimmed the lights and left the room.


For a moment, I wasn’t sure she was going to be the one that came back; however, she was. She was a very beautiful woman and gave a very nice massage. Her English wasn’t that great, but she understood me and I understood her fairly well. She appreciated her tip and gave me her information after I asked if she took requests.


During the following five weeks, I made two appointments a week. Every appointment seemed to me more erotic and sensual; I’m not sure, but I think I was really beginning to enjoy my visits with her. None-the-less, it didn’t matter how much I tipped her, or whether or not I tipped her before or after the massages. The highest tip I gave her was a hundred dollars; I gave her a hundred dollar tip on three occasions.


I felt like I was getting to know her pretty well because she did speak about her personal life on every visit; as did I. On my last visit with her I asked her if she was attracted to me at all. She replied kindly, yet she reminded me she was married. After all that time, exchange of money and sensuality, I knew that I wasn’t going to close the deal with any happy endings.


I asked her why such a beautiful married woman was willing to work in a massage parlor? She informed me she was going to college to learn American customs better and that she hoped that her husband would teach her to drive soon so that she could start working in a Chinese restaurant or retail.


All in all, I could not prove that she was having any kind of affair at work with any co-workers or clientele. However, I knew I certainly gave it a valiant effort. I contacted her husband and informed him that he should really communicate with his wife better because she didn’t really want to work there and that she just felt like she had to because that’s where he was taking her. I forgot to ask if she had any single sisters. LOL.



Bryan L., OK

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